Erik Morales Fails Drug Test. Morales vs Garcia still scheduled to Go On

On the eve of the much anticipated Morales vs Garcia rematch, the news of Erik Morales failing his drug test has been made public.

The US Anti-Doping Agency conducted a random drug tests to which Morales failed, but two ESPN sources tied to the card say that the fight will go on as planned. According to one of the aforementioned  sources in the ESPN article  the reason why the fight will go on is because Morales’  A sample came back as positive, while his B sample most likely won’t be made available until after the fight.

One of the sources also went on to explain that the drug Morales tested positive for was clenbuterol, which is a drug taken for breathing  disorders, but also is used as a weight loss supplement. Now, this is where things get ‘interesting’ Morales failed to make weight for his match vs Garcia in Houston and was stripped of his title as a result. The fight did go on however, and Garcia bested him to take the belt from Morales. The rematch between them taking place now is a result of Morales exercising his rematch clause, and the failed drug test hearkens back to Morales failing to make 140-pound weight limit the first time around.

Results won’t be made totally official until sample B comes back, until then the fight shall go on and with the considerably large amount of money at stake for both men, I’m sure that’s a big relief.

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