Evelyn Lozada Compares Herself to Hurricane Sandy…Classy (Photo)


Attention whoring doesn’t stop even in the face of a natural disaster that has left over a million people without power and shut down the entire East Coast.

Who cares about that when you can Instagram comparing yourself to a deadly hurricane by posting your photos along the path of destruction?

I mean what a better nickname to give yourself than “Hurricane Sandy”.  Nice touch as well putting the “fist” with the Tweet, I thought she wanted to be the face of domestic violence?

True she did destroy Chad Johnson’s career, but I digress.

She is right no one is going to stop her from being an idiot. Not surprisingly the photo was deleted, but nothing is ever deleted on online.

I hope this screenshot lives forever to remind people that Evelyn hasn’t change much, she is still the drink throwing, foul mouth, attention whore people watch every week on the Almost Basketball Wives.


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