Ex-Lakers D.J. Mbenga Arrested for Public Intoxication & Challenging Cop to Fight

Was he drinking over the fact that he can’t for the $16k Pinkie ring he bought and is now being sued for $60k in unpaid jewelry?

I guess the world will never know.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, Mbenga showed the worst decision making of any athlete not named OJ Simpson. Check out the exchange he had with police.

As Mbenga was trying to leave the restaurant, two Dallas police officers were walking in.

The 7-1 center put his palm on the chest of one of the cops and said, “You move out of my way.”

The officer stopped and said, “You don’t touch police, let alone make that statement.”

To which Mbenga — perhaps, in hindsight, inadvisably — responded: “You want to go? I do what I want, so you move out of the way!”

They also might want to check to see if Mbenga is on drugs.

He might be on that Molly or whatever the kids are doing these days.

“You Want to Go??”

Did he think he was in a Chuck Norris movie?