Falcons Asante Samuel Refuses To Speak To Philly Media

Asante Samuel is on top of the world right now.

His team is undefeated coming off a relaxing bye week.

His former team, the Philadelphia Eagles are in crisis mode, and Samuel even took a moment to take a twitter jab at Andy Reid after Juan Castillo was fired. 

According to the guys over at Crossing Broad, Samuel declined the customary weekly conversation with the opposing team’s media.

The Eagles and Falcons lock horns Sunday, and Samuel reportedly just declined.


Samuel has not hid his feelings or bitterness towards Andy Reid making him a scapegoat, and most importantly getting so little back in regards to his trade.

Samuel has never hid disregard for a Philly media and fan base that will turn on you in his opinion. 

Sundays will be out of this world crazy and on a whole different level.

In my opinion Samuel can’t do anything with DeSean Jackson or Maclin, man to man, so it will be interesting to see how the Falcons use him.

Expect the Eagles to throw several double moves at mister Pick Six_22 who will look to try to take one of Vick’s passes to the house.


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