Fantasy: Who to Start; Who to Sit Week 8

Halfway though the regular season in the NFL, we are inching closer and closer to fantasy playoffs. Teams are separating themselves and players are hitting their stride and form. Hopefully you guys drafted well and your teams are doing work. Without further ado, here is my advice for week 8.

Put me in the Game Coach

Reggie Wayne – Reggie has been having a solid season. The past few games he has had some tough match ups, but drawing the Titans this week he should return back to form. The Titans defense is giving up tons of fantasy points to receivers this year and Wayne should be able to feast on this week secondary.

Santana Moss – Robert Griffin III has to throw the ball to someone, and with Fred Davis out for the year and Garcon to miss at least 3 more weeks He seems he is in store for more targets to be sent his way. Last week when Fred Davis went down Moss put together a solid outing with 2 TDs against the Giants.

Willis McGahee – The New Orleans Saints couldn’t stop a nose bleed at this point on defense. The Broncos offense is starting to find its stride and Peyton is not afraid to check to run if the defense calls for it. Look for the Broncos to actually lean on McGahee this week to try and keep that Saints offense on the sideline.

Reggie Bush – It is clear that Bush does not like the Jets. He runs angry against this team averaging 6.3 yards a carry against this team since joining the Dolphins. Bush has struggled a bit the past couple weeks, but look for him to bounce back this week.

Have the Loneliest Seat on the Bench

Doug Martin – He has had a productive past couple of weeks, but I think we all now realize this Vikings Defense is real. Look for him to struggle a bit this week.

Mikel LeShoure – He has been solid since he took over the starting role in the Lion Backfield. This week they draw that stingy Seattle Defense. Bad match up for LeShoure, if you have other options might be worth looking elsewhere.

Larry Fitzgerald – The QB carousel continues in Arizona and playing San Francisco this week don’t look for Fitz to have a big week. They do a great job of taking out the other teams best player and forcing someone else to beat them.

Jeremy Maclin/DeSean Jackson – There is something to be said about playing against a former teammate. With Asante Samuel with the Falcons now, you can believe he has tipped his new comrads on the tendencies of these Eagles receivers. He spent years in Philly practicing against these guys and with this opportunistic Falcon defense look for these two guys to struggle.

Waiver Wire Warriors – 

Rashad Jennings – MJD is going to miss a few weeks and while he is out you can get a solid start from him for at leas 3 weeks maybe more. Jennings performed well at the start of the year with MJD’s holdout, and will be a solid RB2 for your team for a few weeks.

Jonathan Dwyer –With Isaac Redman and Rashard Mendenhall sitting out of all practices again this week, it looks that Dwyer will get the start again this week. Last week with his first start of the season he rallied up 122 yards averaging 7.2 yards a carry against the Bengals defense. Good pick up this week for a bye week filler.

Danny Amendola –  Yes if you can believe it, he actually practiced this week. He is probably a few weeks off from coming back, but worth the roster spot now as most leagues have him in your waivers at this point in the season. If you have a deep team and can afford to let him take up your bench for a few weeks he will be ready right in time for the fantasy playoffs.

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  • Seriously? Reggie Bush?! There wasn’t ANOTHER player from “The U” that you could suggest starting? LOL.

  • Doug Martin?? Seriously?

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