Former Lakers DJ Mbenga Sued for $60k In Jewelry Debt Including $16k Pinkie Ring

The Maverick just waived DJ Mbenga last week on the first day of training camp.  Mbenga is best known for his time on the Lakers back to back Championship teams.

Even though he has made over $10 million in NBA salaries, he seems to be having some Dez Bryant like issues with his jeweler.

According to TMZ, Mbenga bought $60k in jewelry back in 2010 from a place called Lemmerman’s which calls itself “The Player’s Choice” for jewels, but Mbenga only paid $10k and Lemmerman’s want the rest of their money.

They have filed a lawsuit which stated one of the pieces of jewelery was a $16k diamond pinkie ring.  I can not confirm or deny if Mbenga fancies himself a pimp or not.

My question is this.

If the athletes want the bling bling, why don’t they just pay for it at the time of purchase?  If they can’t pay, maybe that is a sign they don’t need it.

Nothing in life is free, don’t accept things on credit if you can pay for them outright. Then you won’t have to worry about being on TMZ.

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