Former Saints Joe Horn in Defense of Drew Brees Goes Off on Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw wasn’t impressed with Drew Brees breaking Johnny Unitas consecutive TD record, so Joe Horn decided to run to Brees defense via Twitter.

Terry Bradshaw is paid to give his opinion. Only Bradshaw knows if his opinion is biased, but assuming it isn’t what is the big deal?

If he doesn’t think the record is important, what exactly is wrong with that? Did he call Drew Brees out of his name? Did he say Brees was a bad quarterback? What does what the Steel Curtain have to do with anything (factually speaking the Steel Curtain gave up 6, 17, 31 & 19 points in their Super Bowl wins)?

Horn appears to be trolling for attention which I am giving him. While many will applaud him, I think it just adds on to our ultra sensitive society. Just because you don’t agree with the majority doesn’t mean you are a Hater.

Joe Horn more than anyone should know that.