George Karl Says He Really Hates The Lakers

Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl has been around for a long time and had many an opponent.

He has a unique and absolute distaste for one organization tho.

George Karl a North Carolina graduate says the L.A. Lakers are his Duke.

According to the Denver Post, George Karl says he hate the Lakers.

“I can’t deny that I just despise the Lakers,” Karl said Monday. “There’s a bigger (description) for it (that I can’t use in public). I’ve been beaten by them too many times. I didn’t expect them to be bad this season, but when they got Steve Nash, I can’t deny I was really upset.”

Karl stated that he sent Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak a descriptive text recently, suggesting where he thinks Kupchak keeps a rabbit foot on his person.

With the additions ff Dwight and Nash, gosh I know he really hates them now.