George Karl Says Salary Will Not Determine JaVale’s McGee’s Playing Time


Someone in the Denver Nuggets organization thought highly enough of center Javale McGee to sign him to a four-year $44 million deal. 

I’d be interested in knowing if head coach George Karl was in that group.

Pro Basketball Talk via the Denver Post is reporting that Karl doesn’t care how much McGee makes, he will dish out playing time at the center position to the player who is most worthy of getting those minutes.

“I have no idea. The perfect scenario would be that JaVale would get (minutes) in the high 20s and Kosta and Timo in the low 20s, but I’m not going to predict anything. I’m going to go coach to win games, not to play big guys.”

When pressed about McGee being Denver’s big-money signing this summer, Karl got fired up. “You think that’s ever influenced me? You think I give a (darn) about what they make? You honestly think that bothers (me)? The only time it’s good to know what the players make is to demand they play like a $10 million player,” Karl said.

I myself wouldn’t have doled out that kind of money to a dude that for all his 7 feet of stature, can be a blond air head at times.

What do I know, I’m just a journalist.