Giants Ahmad Bradshaw Promises To Keep His Emotions In Check

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw is a fiery little dude, and with that comes a ton of emotion constantly on full display.

Last Sunday that emotion was on full display, as Bradshaw and Giants head coach got into a heated debate over Coughlin not running the ball enough.

Well according to, Coughlin and Bradshaw had a conversation, and Bradshaw vows to be on his best behavior from now on.

“Just to calm my emotions and just let it all out in my play,” Bradshaw explained to The Star-Ledger. “Like I said, our emotions are going so many different ways in the game, you never know. Just to control it pretty much, and (I told him) I would. Nothing big.”

There are bigger problems a coach can have, than a fiery running back who wants the ball, and wants it during crunch time.