Heat Players Say It’s Diffcult to Make Shots When You Are So Wide Open

You hear this from time to time that the hardest shot to hit is when you are wide open.

Maybe it is because you have too much time to think about it. The Miami Heat role players say with Lebron and D Wade on the team they get so many open looks they don’t know what to do.

“Got to get used to it,’ Rashard Lewis said. ‘Because that’s the hardest shot in basketball. I may have to hold it for a couple of seconds, so I can get somebody closing out to me.’ […] ‘When you’re playing a game, you’re so used to playing instinctively,’ Shane Battier said. ‘When you get a wide-, wide-open three, you’re naked. You have time to think and rationalize, and that’s counterintuitive to how we normally play. We normally play instinctively — time to think and time to react only. But when you have time to think in basketball, calculation often leads to miscalculation.’

‘Sometimes you’re surprised that you’re that wide open,’ Norris Cole said. ‘Normally, when you shoot shots, you just shoot in repetition. But in a game, when you find yourself just wide open, it kinds of shocks you.’ […] ‘I think if you’re waiting on the 3-point line, that’s probably the toughest shot,’ Ray Allen said. ‘You’re waiting, you’re waiting, you’re waiting, and then you have to kind of reposition your feet. That to me is probably the toughest shot, because there’s not really a rhythm shot. When you catch in a rhythm, you’re learning forward. So if you don’t get it, you got to make sure you kind of get your momentum going back into that shot.”