Hines Ward Accused of Paying Women For Sex; Extortion Attempt Failed

Shocking an athlete caught paying for sex.

Next thing we will hear is they exchange money for big hits. Hines Ward who is married by the way was caught up in a mini scandal when Raymond Burgess Jr. emailed Ward’s assistant claiming he knew that Ward was paying for call girls and threatened to leak the information.

He demanded $15k and his reasoning was, “It’s called buying silence, brother.”

The assistant called the cops, they set up a sting and Burgess has been arrested. He has been charged with two counts of Extortion.

Could have just went to TMZ.


One small footnote if you wondering how Burgess knew that Ward was paying for the ladies?  His girlfriend was one of Hines’ clients.

One thought on “Hines Ward Accused of Paying Women For Sex; Extortion Attempt Failed

  • That employee that puts those fake copmeimlnts is obviously part of the scam himself/herself and I hope the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE adds him/her to the investigation. He/she puts those fake posts daily cause they hate to see or hear the TRUTH. Of course not, TRUTH, what’s that? Truth is not a business plan or practice for a scam like IPA.Since your so proud of your scam, whey don’t you post up any evidence proving that what’s posted is a lie or at the least then incorrect? 1. Let me guess; the PERVERT isn’t really a PERVERT after all and he wasn’t really guilty?2. Let me guess; the Attorney General isn’t really suing you and she made up all that LAWSUIT just for her pleasure and or also shits & giggles? Let’s see here; she had nothing else to do one day and so she sued you just for practice? 3. Let me guess; the Fox News report claiming that a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS underway including RICO’s all a lie and FOX NEWS made it up just for better ratings right? Of course, the ratings!! We should have known this, of course!! Stupid us, what were we thinking? It was made up just for ratings. 4. Humm now let me guess again; the politicians never backed away from John Burgess after all. I imagine your now claiming that they actually do want to associate with him and the ones that returned the dirty money didn’t actually do that. Of course not! They kept it all along. What were we thinking! They actually kept his contributions cause he’s such a reputable and nice man?5. You didn’t pay out 8 million dollars for SEXUAL HARASSMENT right? Let me guess again; that was all a lie and John Burgess out of the kindness of his heart wanted to donate all those women money cause he’s just that nice a man. Of course he is!!6. Ok now let me guess, hummm; your all truthful people and no one lies to Business owners and you don’t mislead employees either? Nope, that is all a lie too. Employees all have alzheimer’s disease and that’s the reason pay’s in court today. Of course, they all forget the hours they put in and that’s why they’re complaining. Yep that’s it alright, they’re all sick with Alzheimers. 7. You don’t send owners to collection cause they cancelled once they figured out your scam correct? No, of course not. Your actually very nice and understanding with them and you don’t attempt to ruin them with your collection agency and tactics. That IPA is mean thing is all just a misunderstanding correct? After all why would IPA send someone to collection when they have a pay nothing policy if a customers unhappy right? Oh no how dare someone say that you send people to collection. You actually buy unsatisfied customers donuts and coffee and you send them over flowers. Customer first remember! 8, All those business owners suing you are not really suing you but just giving you publicity for more sales cause they truly deeply love you. Is that your position?9. The BC’s don’t actually lie to business owners either is that correct? Of course not! No way would you ever deceive a business owner into thinking your someone else now would you. Your so honest that you tell the owners that your IPA a recognized consulting company that wants to offer them your services. Of course you never would mislead them by pretending your a customer. Of course you wouldn’t do that, your IPA and credibility is so important to you.10. The employees are all lying and they’re rolling in the dough. They actually do make the kind of money that you advertise but they’re lying so that no one asks them for a loan is that correct?11. John Burgess doesn’t really like LITTLE GIRLS after all and that criminal record is all made up by ex employees that are jealous of his money. No, he actually does likes women over 18 years old and that prostitute was only a man made sex doll that just happened to be in the South Side corner. Is that correct? Of course it is!12. Employees are not suing you either and that is make believe. It is only a rehearsal for the Judge Judy show. Is this correct?You are a scam and the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is on to you and especially your PERVERTED boss that preys on LITTLE GIRLS. I hope that cell is large enough for all of you so that you spend your days in lock where you belong!The SCAM is catching up to all involved now. You are covering up the FRAUD but don’t you worry, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL AND JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED. I’ll put my bets on the ATTORNEY GENERAL then I’ll double down that all involved will soon be joining them.

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