Hornets Eric Gordon Out Indefinitely With Recurring Knee Problems


There’s nothing like the NBA and it’s guaranteed contracts when you have shaky knees and can still get a max contract.

The Times-Picayune is reporting that New Orleans Hornet guard Eric Gordon will be out indefinitely with a severe right knee problem.

Gordon who signed a max deal in the off-season, was instructed by Hornets brass and security not to speak with reporters yesterday afternoon.

Hornets head coach gave a brief statement on the matter.

“He’s going to be out,” Williams said. “The way I understand it, he’s going to be out indefinitely until we get some more clarity on what’s going on so I don’t have to answer these questions every day and give you guys the update. We’ll just go from there.”

“He probably does feel pain; that would be the only reason why a guy can’t play,” Williams said. “For me to try to read an MRI . . . .I’ll find out more as we go forward. I try to not get into all that because that would just make me upset.”

“I’ve checked with Doc,” Williams said, “but for him to explain to me what’s going on with his body and then have Eric feel a certain way doesn’t matter. You know what I’m saying? If Doc says one thing and the guy is feeling another, then you have to . . . what am I supposed to say?

I’m not one to read into situations, but it sound like Williams might be insinuating that Gordon is making more out of his knee situation than it really is.

Hey whats it matter, you can’t cut him.

I’m sure Gordon’s knee would improve if he say got traded maybe.

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