How 50 Cent Tried to Screw Floyd Mayweather & Al Haymon; Jailhouse Letter Leaked


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From the beginning I knew something was odd about the formation of The Money Team Promotions by 50 Cent. The most obvious thing was who starts a partnership when their partner is in jail? It wasn’t like Mayweather was going to be in jail for 30 years, he was getting out in a month, why couldn’t 50 Cent wait?

Furthermore, Mayweather has his own promotional company Mayweather Promotions, so why would he become a partner in something that would be his competition?

Once I was informed that Mayweather wasn’t a partner and 50 Cent had done this all on his own without consulting Floyd, my spider sense started tingling.  It was like he intentionally waited to start the company while Mayweather was in jail.

I had all these questions even before 50 Cent starting talking about partnerships with Manny Pacquiao.

But after reading this jailhouse letter provided by Fight Hype from a former Mayweather associate Tommy Summers aka Tommy Smalls it all started to make sense.

Mayweather was a pawn in a bigger game of chest played by 50 Cent and Tommy Smalls. Everyone knows that Mayweather has as strong relationship with Boxing power broker Al Haymon and Golden Boy Promotions. 50 and Smalls wanted to break up that relationship and the reason was simple.


Mayweather is a money-making machine. He makes a lot of money for himself, Haymon and Golden Boy. 50 and Smalls wanted Mayweather to be their cash cow and the only way to do that is to get Mayweather’s name on a TMT Promotional contract.

The way they went about that is trying to paint Haymon and Golden Boy as crooks and promising these ridiculously amount of money that they could never deliver on.

Haymon and Golden Boy have been in the boxing industry for years, why 50 Cent thought he could convince Mayweather himself someone very knowledgeable in the world of boxing to leave Haymon and GB is beyond me.

In the letter they talk about Mayweather going on a tour fighting at all the major stadiums in the US implying that would increase the gate money.

That is actually incorrect, the bigger the venue the tickets are cheaper and operating costs are more, so to assume Mayweather would make another $50 million just off the gate is simply just wrong.  Never mind the fact Mayweather prefers to fight in Vegas.

Saying Mayweather would make $150-200 million a fight is WAY OFF. They also seems to totally ignore that Mayweather is 37 years old and often only fights once a year. How many fights do they think he has left to make the type of money they are promising?  At one point they say Mayweather can up to $1.8 Billion, even if he made $200 million a fight he would have to fight 9 more times before his career is over.  Considering how often Mayweather fights he would close to 45 years old, do you really think the public is going to be shelling out money for a 45 year old fighter?  Come on man.

You know a letter is shady when it says……

“Tear this up when you finish ready”

Mayweather maybe a lot of things but he isn’t dumb. What 50 and Smalls were promising sounded like what Don King and Bob Arum offer fighters and hope they don’t read the fine print of the contract.

Mayweather is extremely loyal, no way he was going to drop Haymon and go with guys who were using his name while he was in prison to sign fighters.

That is SHADY business and why would Mayweather give up controlling 100% of his businesses to technically work for 50 Cent and Tommy Smalls.

A lot of gossip sites wanted to run with the story that 50 and Floyd’s beef was over Ms. Jackson, but the reality is 50 Cent doing things behind Floyd’s back and trying to take advantage of the fact he was in jail.

Floyd didn’t go for it and 50 Cent was salty about it.  That is why they aren’t BFFs anymore.

Based on 50 Cent’s history, can’t say I am surprised.

Treating Mayweather like he is 2pac and he is Suge Knight.  At least get some notebook paper if you are going to write a letter.

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  • i love your site but please if you are going to comment on this subject any more please do some research. no hate

  • Does your spider sense tingle when Mayweather makes gazillions of dollars to box handpicked fighters?

    • HE DON’T HANDPICK SHIT!!! Hes beaten the best of the 90’s and the 2000’s so eat a dick and stop hating, u probably some fucking pac man lover and think he’s actually gonna be money may well hes’ washed up and cant even beat Marquez lol so get a life learn boxing and join the money team cause hes gonna remain unbeaten no matter who the fuck he fights.

      • then why are u here, go lick money’s ass and balls. He really handpicks ball and dick lickers like u.

  • busted!

  • So let me get this straight, based off the letters 50 is telling Floyd to take all the money for himself and stop letting haymon leech off his ppv revenue, take the gate money for himself, and that makes 50 bad? WTF, 50 is showing Floyd he can keep all the money for himself but Floyd is giving away basically 50% of all his money to Haymon, just for Haymon to go and sit at a table and get ppv scheduled and sell a few seats. Seriously, does Floyd really need Haymon, I doubt it.

    Haymon and Golden Boy bring nothing to the table for someone on the level of Mayweather. Mayweather could tweet he has a fight tomorrow, and sell out a stadium and ppv in over 2 million homes. The fact he stays with haymon is a joke

    • @hernanday 50 & this other nigger wanted the money and you crazy if you think haymon& golden boy would of let a old rapper take over boxing like that. Mayweather makes crazy money and if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Both 50 and smalls tried to pimp mayweather and both haymon& golden boy
      Said look that’s my bitch get back before I end both of you sorry ass wannabe pimps and we fuck you up. 50 big but Oscar would drop him with a left hook and haymon would of just had someone kill smalls and 50 because after one week no one would give a fuck if those two niggers were missing or not. GOLDEN boy and al haymon are the boxing world…


  • I dont see how this was a bad deal….Floyd would be making all that money for himself…he really doesnt need al haymon or golden boy….what do they really do? Floyd puts in all the work fighting…..but the down side is that he is getting older, he is 37…..if he was 33yrs old this deal would of been perfect.

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