HS QB Princeton Harlan Arrested For Rape of a Child Under the Age of 13


This should be common sense.

If you are 18 you shouldn’t be having sex with a 13 year old girl. I don’t even want to hear the rationale behind it, you are 18 she is 13 that is bad math on several levels.

Harlan is innocent until proven guilty, but it isn’t looking good. Harlan along with two other boys were arrested for having sex with the same under age girl at different times.

At some point the girl parents found out what she was doing and called the police. Rape of a child 13 or younger means legally it doesn’t matter if she consented or not, you are in big trouble.

Harlan a QB out of Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee was being heavily recruited by several SEC schools before his arrest. Looks for a lot of those recruitment letters to cease.

Use your head young men, the top one not the bottom on.

According to USA Today if convicted first time offenders can face up to 25 years in jail.



  1. Who but nature should decide when a person can commit this natural act? I think I had a girlfriend that was 13 when I was 17.

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