Jason Kidd Thinks Carmelo Can Be the Next Dirk Nowitzki

When you are in the Lebron, Kobe, KD and etc class you are held to a higher standard. One ring is great, but your overall legacy will be defined by multiple championships. This is something Lebron and Kobe are aware of and Durant is starting to understand (the longer he goes without a ring watch the media turn on him).

If you are a second tier Superstar all you need is one ring to basically shut everyone up.

Dirk is a perfect example of that. Got his ring and no one ever says anything about or his failures in the past. So, Jason Kidd is right, Melo should use Dirk as motivation unless he wants to be remember as a modern day Dominique Wilkins.

Here is how Jason Kidd plans to help Melo out.

“Oh, yes, very similar, very talented,” Kidd said. “Demand a lot of attention, so hopefully what I’ve helped with Dirk and Dirk is now one of the top players in this league, hopefully I can do the same with Melo.”

Jason Kidd is an old man now, so I assume he means more with wisdom than on the court, so we will see. As long as Jason doesn’t drive Melo anywhere he can only be a benefit to him.