Javale McGee’s Alleged Fiancee Slanders Black Women After Finding Out He Cheated

The woman above according to her Twitter profile is named “Jen” and she is a Journalist and Philanthropist. Doesn’t mention who she works for or what Philanthropy she does, but I digress.

It appears just today she read the story about Nuggets Center Javale McGee and model Ayana Marie. The story was originally about Ayana wanting to warn other women about the dangers of meeting an athlete that you cared about.

At some point it turned into a story about McGee not buying her Chiptole. It got ugly for a bit, but the story had died down until this weekend when Ayana announced via her Twitter account that she was pregnant.

You can read all about that and the back story below.

Model Ayana Marie Is Pregnant; Is it Javale McGee’s Baby?

You maybe asking what does this has to do with “Jen”, well she is claiming to be McGee’s fiancée and they were engaged at the time he was flying out and sleeping with Ayana.

She blasted out a  string of Tweets which you can read below.  I must warn you the language is NSFW and some of the comments are borderline racist.


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After reading the Tweets I have a couple of thoughts about “Jen’s” rant.

1- While degraded “Dark b*tches” she totally ignores the fact that if she is telling the truth her fiancee was cheating on her with said “Dark B*tch”.   So what she is saying makes no sense, because he obviously has no problem sleeping with black women instead of his so called fiancee.

2- She offers Ayana money to stop spreading rumors, but if the rumor aren’t true what exactly is the money for?

3- Is she offering her own money or Javale’s money?  If Javale wanted the “problem” to go away shouldn’t he be the one talking not his alleged fiancee?  Why she is fighting his battles?

4- Why has no one to my understanding ever heard of her before?  After doing some digging there is zero information about McGee having a fiancee or even a girlfriend.  If she is telling the truth what does it say about her that McGee doesn’t claim her?

5- It would be almost impossible for this to be the first time she has heard of the story.  This was a national story, that even McGee has acknowledge, but his fiancee has no clue what is going on?

That is just a few of the problems I see with “Jen’s” story.  Considering Ayana never claimed to be Javale’s girlfriend nor did she know he had a fiancee I’m not exactly sure what her beef is with Ayana.  If she is telling the truth her beef should be with Javale.  Never blame the suppler, blame the user.

The man you are allegedly about to marry spend a weekend having sex with another woman who knew nothing about you.  She needs to deal with that truth.

The truth though………..

Funny thing about that, we don’t really know the truth about any of this.

The only people who really know what is going on is Ayana and Javale and neither of them are giving up concrete information.  Until then the speculation will continue to run rampant.


After being aware of the the post “Jen” had this to say.

16 thoughts on “Javale McGee’s Alleged Fiancee Slanders Black Women After Finding Out He Cheated

  • Is “Jen” really a soorned woman or a klansman using twitter?

  • So let me get this straight Rob. You decided to write an article about a so-called fiancee, but you don’t have any relevant information about her? Based on the limited facts presented, we’re not even sure of WHO is posting the racist Twitter messages. Jen who?! Any comment from Javale about this? This could be a crazed, racist fan pretending to be this Jen person.

    This is my main problem with the site. So quick to post drama and nonsense without fleshing out the full story or getting all the facts. I’ll ignore the lack of editing, but the when the stories become sloppy, it kills your credibility.

  • I kinda agree with Jerremy I go to the site to get updates on games and news but i don’t wanna hear about thes hoe ass groupies and scandals , shit gets old. this site has become a gossip site.

  • The solution is simple don’t come to site if you don’t want to.

    • Really? That’s your response? Very Jason Whitlock-ish of you. All this reader asked for was more specifics about the woman (who is supposedly a journalist). I never said anything about not coming to the site, but instead of answering the question, you came off like a brat.

      By the way, you would be wise to at least respect reader opinion. People click on the ads, buy your app, and buy your shirts. Yes I know it’s your site, but if someone wants more news about the games, it wouldn’t hurt to oblige. If someone wants to read an article that has been edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I don’t see what the issue is with that. It doesn’t require an attitude or snarky response on your end, Rob.

    • Old emontional ass bitch

  • First of all this is filed under “Groupie Tales” How much weight do you want the story to have? Its whats buzzing on twitter and honestly if Javale has any sense then he wont comment at all on it until of course he is posting pics of him with a little baby.

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