Jazz Al Jefferson Buys a Gigantic $23k Bed (Photo)


With 99% certainty we can be sure that Al Jefferson didn’t watch the ESPN 30 for 30: BROKE.

I understand wanting to sleep in comfort, but this is ridiculous. Not my money, so he can buy what he wants, but this is the type of excess spending is what caused many of the participants on BROKE to lose their fortunes.

So hopefully Jefferson is investing his money as well.

The only way this makes since is if Rosa Acosta was also in the bed.


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  1. Let’s see, the man is 6’10” tall, or 82″. A standard king bed is 80 or 84 inches. I’m 5’11” and I hang off the end some nights in a king bed, so how freaking uncomfortable would it be if my entire calf were sticking out in the breezes?
    $23,000 is less than one good gold chain, less than 1/2 a 2009 535i, less than 3 months mortgage on a $2 M home. Tell me again how this makes him profligate.