Jerry Jones Says He’s Fine With Jason Garrett’s Conservative Play Calling

Some poor Dallas fan is going to blow their gasket after reading this post.

Week in and week out, Cowboys fans cringe at Jason Garrett’s play calling in tight situations.

According to, owner Jerry Jones has no problem with Garrett playing it close to the vest.

“I felt that was a conservative way, that was a conservative call and I’m not, but the big (question) is well should we be having a conservative call and I can make a good case and point that it called for that,” Jones said via the Dallas Morning News. “We certainly wanted points, that’s for sure.

“I thought he took the points, took the field goal and I thought that was conservative and the right way to win the game. I would like to see the game put away right there, but there are many things that we all would like. … But he did the right thing. He completely shifted it over to the defense and said, which the defense has done once, but he basically said, ‘OK, defense, win it.’ And to their credit, they did.”

It’s Jerry’s world remember.