Jerry Jones Says Win Over Panthers Has Cowboys In A Good Position

I take everything Jerry Jones says with a grain of salt.

You really can’t take Jones that serious, yet you also can’t ignore it either.

Jones was speaking with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram after the Cowboys close win over the Carolina Panthers, and felt that this victory gave him and his franchise room for optimism.

“It leaves us not digging out, if you look at where everybody else is around the league,” Jones said after the Cowboys’ 19-14 win against Carolina. “We’re not digging out of anything. We’ve got a chance to improve on where we are. We’ve got a big-time game coming up here against the Giants. We know what that game can mean. And we do a good job against the Giants and come out with a win, what is everybody going to be saying?

“So, it’s amazing what eight days could do.”

Again I say take it with a grain of salt.

Yes it was the Panthers, so no it’s not a reason to do back flips.

It does put the Cowboys at 3-3 instead of 2-4.

It’s a different week of preparation for the Giants if the Cowboys are 2-4.