Joe Theismann Says Tony Romo Is a Bad Quarterback

I wonder if Joe Theismann even watched the Monday Night Football game? Sometimes we all get caught up in stat watching and that can be dangerous.

If you actually watched the game you would know the first three interceptions technically weren’t Romo’s fault. On the first one Dez Bryant ran the wrong route, the next one an offensive lineman gets abused causing Romo to get hit when he was trying to release the ball and the third hit Olgetree right in the chest and deflected into a defenders’ arms.

The fourth one was bad pass and the last one was a garbage time INT when he was trying to make something happened down the field.

Not to mention Dez Bryant had several key drops on perfectly thrown passes by Romo that could have changed the complexion of the game.

That is the reality of what happened Monday Night, but Theismann is from the School of Skip so he has to be over dramatic about everything, here is what he had to say.

“What hit me last night is, Tony isn’t really that good,” Theismann told the Brady & Lang radio show on Sportsnet 590 The Fan in Dallas (via the Dallas Morning News). “Just because he wears a star on his helmet — we all think that people who are Dallas Cowboys, ‘ooh they’re wonderful and ooh they’re terrific, ooh they’re the next Roger Staubach’ or whatever the heck they want to say. They’re full of bologna.”

“Tony makes bad decisions with the football,” Theismann said. “And I’ll tell you something else; he missed two wide open touchdowns last night that nobody’s talking about. Forget about the five interceptions; he misses Miles Austin and Dez Bryant with easy touchdown throws, and he airmails the ball over their heads.

“You can say, ‘well, everybody has a bad game.’ Tony has too many bad games. Tony Romo is not a very good quarterback. Somebody has to say it so I just did. He should be a lot better, or the reputation he’s carried should have him play a lot better.”

“Tony Romo continues to do things to hurt his football team,” Theismann said. “He doesn’t understand how to play the quarterback position. Somebody had to say it, and I just said it. Tony, you have to start proving to everyone you understand football. You’re doing things that Pop Warner kids would get benched for.”

There are a lot of bad quarterbacks in the NFL.  Tony Romo isn’t one of them.  He has a career record as a starter of 49-32 and has thrown for 154 touchdowns and 80 interceptions, so his TD to INT ratio is almost 2:1.
He isn’t a GREAT quarterback, greatness comes from being clutch when it matters the most and he hasn’t shown that consistently.  But, it is a bit of hyperbole to say he is a bad quarterback.
Matt Cassel is a bad quarterback.
Tony Romo has the gift and the curse of playing for the Cowboys.  He will always be praised or criticized more than he should be.  I think he will be fine going forward, but just like any other QB he has to show and prove when it matters most.

One thought on “Joe Theismann Says Tony Romo Is a Bad Quarterback

  • Spoken words by an “Ex-Redskin”! What else would an “ex-Redskin” say but bad things about a Cowboy? No, Romo isn’t great, but he is good, and that is obvious. But the article is right on in that three of the interceptions were not of his doing, and there was the one garbage one later on. Funny how Theisman didn’t say the same things about Eli Manning when he threw for 23 intercetions just two years ago! Manning has proven to be a great QB, even though I still say that he was lucky, or maybe destined, to win those two Super Bowls, because without Tyree’s helmet catch and then last year Wes Welker drops that ball, he doesn’t have a ring. But that’s part of the game I guess. Now maybe w eknow why Theismann isn’t on Monday Night Football anymore!

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