Josh Cribbs Says His Family Doesn’t Want Him To Play Football Anymore

Cleveland Browns wide receiver/kick returner Josh Cribb is a tough guy, and knows the risk that come with the game he plays.

Cribbs took a vicious shot against the Ravens last Thursday night, losing his helmet, and having his head bounce off the turf violently.

The dangerous parts of the game have the most adverse affects on family and children when they witness it.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that Cribbs wife and family would prefer he walk away from the game.

“Everyone was calling and couldn’t stop crying,” said Cribbs, who has two young children. “My brother, who’s the reason why I’m playing football, even he wants me to stop.”

“They’re saying, ‘I know you love the game but we don’t want you to play anymore,'” he said of his own family. “They’re like, ‘Family’s more important. You’ve got so many years of your life. You’ve showed enough good football.'”

Cribbs practiced Wednesday and said he felt pretty good.  He stated that the hit he took from James Harrison in 2010 probably did more damage.