Josh Hamilton Is Being Called The Rangers Version Of Terrell Owens

Josh Hamilton drops a simple fly ball and now everyone is making him out to be the worst thing in baseball.

Yes I’m being extremely sarcastic, but Hamilton is getting it from all directions lately.

I wrote about Nolan Ryan suggesting that Hamilton could have really picked a better time to quit tobacco.

Now Hamilton is being compared to the man some consider one of the biggest team cancers in sports.

Yesterday Jen Floyd Engel of Fox Sports, called Hamilton the Terrell Owens of the Rangers.

Nobody will want to admit this, but Hamilton had quickly become the T.O. of the Rangers, a talented player whose production no longer justifies the headache. The Rangers have decided he is no longer worth it, which is why on Tuesday in their post-mortem wrapup, they said Hamilton will be allowed to “test the market,” the same phrasing used about now-Angels pitcher CJ Wilson.”

“That is code for we have no intention of Hamilton being a Ranger going forward.”

“You have to wonder if he enjoys it still, if he really believes leaving the Rangers and a fresh start is what will cure what ails him. But a bigger deal in a new town is only going to bring more expectations and a higher platform from which he could fall.”

“In the beginning, it will be like it was here. He will tell his story of being lost and then found, of God’s grace, of being saved, and people will love him for it. They will wonder how the Rangers could have let a guy like this go, how they could have been so stupid.

“What they will learn is grace is messy, and with Hamilton there is always something.”

Now that’s not nice of her to say.

I know Hamilton can be a bit much, but Owens.

That’s harsh.

Seriously it may be time for a change for Hamilton.

Rangers fans who went years without a winner all of a sudden got really high standards over the 3 plus seasons they’ve been relevant, and regardless of his numbers, a diva of Hamilton’s stature just won’t cut it.

As usual, what do I know.