Judge Agrees to Hear Appeal to Let OJ Simpson Out of Jail

OJ is in jail for running up in a Vegas hotel with some goons to get back some stolen memorabilia. I honestly don’t think OJ thought he was doing anything criminal and he was probably set up.

Because OJ is so dumb, he believed nothing would happen, but it did.

That is why OJ is in jail now, but he is going to get one more shot to get out of jail based on some bad advice from his previous attorney Yale Galanter.

Here is the crux of the appeal.

“Galanter was motivated by his own interests, which caused him to materially limit Simpson’s legal representation,” the appeal states. “Galanter remained on the case until rehearing was denied and denied Simpson the opportunity to raise this issue.”

If the judge grants OJ a new trial he would be released immediately. Hopefully for OJ she didn’t read the report about him trying to sell the Bloody Knife for $5 million.

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  • Correction:

    O.J is in jail for killing two people.

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