Kanye West Snaps at Paparazzi For Asking Kim K. if She Misses Reggie Bush (Photos)



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The most interesting thing about this is while Kanye is going crazy, Kim Kardashian is laughing.

What that tells me is that she enjoys the attention whoring and the fact that Kanye is annoyed about the Reggie Bush questions.

Speaking of Reggie Reg.

While Kimmy and Yeezy were eating dinner at PRIME 112, Reggie Reg and his pregnant girlfriend were eating across the street. The Paparazzi according to TMZ asked Kimmy if she wanted to say congrats to Reggie and his lady.  They also asked some questions about if she hurt about Reggie moving on without her and that is what set Kanye off.

This was probably all an elaborate set up, because honestly they have nothing else better to do.

Nice see through skirt Kimmy, we all appreciate that.


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