Kevin Durant Says Workouts With LeBron Blown Out Of Proportion

In this new age world where we are all suppose to get along, People are in an outrage over the fact that Kevin Durant spent time after the Olympics working out with the guy that should be his arch rival, LeBron James.

During a recent interview with the Oklahoman, Durant let people know that he is the truest of competitor, and that his workouts with King James were totally blown out of proportion.

“A lot of people blew it out of proportion, It was just one day.”

“I’m a competitive guy,” Durant said. “I’m sure you guys have seen that in me. I just wanted to work out. That’s what it was all about. I’ll work out with anybody. I would have worked out with Kobe Bryant. I would have worked out with Carmelo (Anthony). I just wanted to work out and get better.”

“He was the first guy that called me and I said ‘Hey, why not?” Durant said. “And I went out there and worked hard. So hopefully I have a good season this year.”

“I’ve been friends with him since I was in high school, and to play on the same team with him after we lost to them in the Finals that was the toughest thing,” Durant said. “Just seeing him every day after they beat us, that was tough. But I had to let that go and just focus on Team USA and that’s what I did.”

I’t’s not my position to question who Kevin Durant should or should not workout with.

In my opinion, as long as Durant goes at James with the same venom during games that he does other opponents, then everything is all good.