Kobe Bryant: “Lakers are MY TEAM”; Plans to Mentor Dwight Howard

Until the day he retires Kobe Bryant will be the most interesting player in the NBA. As you look back on his career there has been so many twists and turns that when they make the movie about his life one day it will be a guaranteed hit.

He is on the last chapter of his NBA life story and it is setting up to be a great ending, just don’t know if it will tragic or triumphant ending.

Dwight Howard makes Cam Newton seem like Ray Lewis, Steve Nash and let’s not forget Metta World Peace makes for the most interesting roster in the NBA, but Kobe tells ESPN it is still his team.

“I got a question earlier about whose team this is,” Bryant told reporters at the Lakers media day Monday. “I don’t want to get into the, ‘Well, we share …’ No, it’s my team. But I want to make sure that Dwight, when I retire, this is going to be his. I want to teach him everything I possibly know so that when I step away this organization can ride on as if I never left.”

Lakers are definitely must see TV.

This is either going to work beautifully or blow up in their faces. I know I will be watching.