Kobe Bryant Says He Can’t Make Shaq Shut Up About Dwight Howard

I don’t have any doubt that Shaq has gotten into Dwight Howard’s head. I don’t think Shaq ever wanted Dwight to go to LA not because he didn’t think it was a good spot, but because he didn’t want Howard to win a championship.  Shaq for whatever the reason doesn’t want Dwight compared to him and he knows that could happen if Howard starts winning championships.

I think his constant needling of Dwight is a way to play on Howard’s insecurities.  Because Dwight isn’t one of the brightest individuals around he falls right into the trap.

For goodness sakes he got Dwight to change his nickname. Kobe problems with Shaq have been well documented, but when he was asked about the Dwight vs. Shaq beef he took a more diplomatic approach according to SLAM.

“My primary concern is the big fella here (Howard). I think he’s going to do just fine for his legacy with the Lakers.’ Of O’Neal, his former teammate and occasional nemesis, Bryant added, ‘He gets paid to make opinions. I can’t tell him to shut up. That’s his job. That’s what he does.’”

I used the BSO translator and what Bean is really saying is that Shaq says stupid stuff because he is on TV and he knows it gets on Dwight’s nerves. Kobe doesn’t want Dwight to get distracted by it, because they have bigger fish to fry.

I agree with Kobe.