Larry Johnson Says He Didn’t Strangle Anyone & Woman is Scorn Groupie

Johnson’s reputation as a woman beater has been documented, so it was easy for many to believe the woman who was accusing him was telling the truth, but two things were odd about her story immediately.

The first one was that she never mentioned putting her hands on Johnson and it is obvious from his mugshot he has some cuts and bruising on his face. Maybe she was defending herself or maybe was the aggressor.  But, she was definitely involved in the altercation and didn’t just stand idly by.

The second part of the story was she claimed Johnson choked her to the point she passed out.  When she awoke she was in the middle of the hotel hallway with nothing on but her panties and a shirt.

How did she get there?

Johnson has an explanation for this that totally contradicts her story. According to TMZ, Johnson says the woman was not his ex girlfriend, but just an acquaintance. After partying at the club Johnson and the woman go back to his room. Not sure what happened there, but I can guess.

After Johnson tried to kick her out she attacked him. Eventually, he forced her out of the room (how he forcefully is up for debate).

Once she was outside the room according the Johnson she got upset and tried to break down the door.  The Bellagio hotel has a ton of video cameras so if Johnson is telling the truth the tape should back him up.  If she is telling the truth Johnson should be thrown under the jail.

The cops at least for now believe her, so we will see how it turns out.


4 thoughts on “Larry Johnson Says He Didn’t Strangle Anyone & Woman is Scorn Groupie

  • Let me SEE if MY Comprehension Skillz are STILL INTACT Though…

    HE was in HIS Hotel Room that was Registered to him via PAYMENT of HIS MONEY which means He has the ONLY HOTEL-ROOM KEY (Right?!??)

    LJ is a KNOWN Womanizer and Female-BEATER (THIS is WELL DOCUMENTED!!!) His Dumb-AZZ should’ve just left HIS HOTEL-ROOM and Told the Front Desk that An Irrational Female was in There and Could HOTEL SECURITY have her Removed (For Him…)


  • Rob’s grammar and syntax (or complete lack thereof) is well documented.

    Thought I agree, I think ELove needs to stop with the ebonics and learn how to not use the caps lock…

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      It’s SIMPLE-AZZ MFers Like Yourself that try and kill the Enjoyment of Others who don’t take Blogging as serious as Eduction #LOLOL #SMDH

      I GUARANTEE Your Educational Achievements and Professional Expertise/Experience is NOWHERE NEAR My Level but YOU continue to bask in the glory of Your Self-Absorbed “BLOG Writing” Critique of Others Though (YUP…)

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