LeBron Speaks On Report He Will Possibly Be a Laker in 2014

Reports began to surface Thursday that the Los Angeles Lakers could be making preparations to make a run at Heat forward LeBron James in 2014. James has an opt-out clause in his contract in 2014 and Lakers current guard and superstar Kobe Bryant has hinted that at the conclusion of his current deal in 2014, he may call it quits on his career.

As far-fetched as the idea of LeBron leaving Miami seems, it actually would be possible. The Lakers have only Steve Nash signed through 2014 at 9.7 million. There more then likely won’t even be a 2013 first round pick on the books as they traded their pick that year to the Suns in the Nash deal. Obviously they would like to keep Dwight Howard, but other than Nash the books are completely clear for the Lakers to make a big free agent splash that off-season.

LeBron however, was quick to make it clear his only focus is this upcoming season with the Heat.

Per The Sun-Sentinel: LeBron when asked about the Lakers rumors was quoted as saying, “I’m here. I’m preparing for the season. I’m preparing to defend our title. I understand it comes up because of who I am.”

Head coach Eric Spoelstra also chimed in adding, “We’ve developed so much Teflon the last two years, that I mention it time and time again, we’ve learned how to compartmentalize

While it is extremely early in my opinion for all of this speculation, LeBron to LA would be financially possible. I don’t necessarily see it happening, but worth noting is that I didn’t see him leaving Cleveland years before his deal expired there.