Lolo Jones Response to Quadriplegic Eric Legrand Foot Race Challenge “You Been Hit in Head”


Lolo Jones is so slow sometimes. Eric Legrand was just being joking around with her, but Lolo is so arrogant and so full of herself she lashes out on Legrand.

Ask him if he was hit in the head? Do you have a concussion? Really Lolo?

Very nice Lolo, she claims she didn’t know but how did she know he was an athlete unless she looked at his profile?


  1. I really don’t think she knew…when the tweets started I glanced at his profile and didn’t take note that he was a quadriplegic just that he played football.

  2. she’s a moron, yes, but her statement doesn’t say anything about LeGrand being an athlete. She says SHE is a track athlete.

    • sure.. except for how him being an athlete isn’t the problem. her taunting a quadriplegic, is.. somebody should toss Laila Ali a few bucks to knock a b*tch out.

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