Magic Johnson Being Sued By Former Flight Attendant Lanita Thomas

TMZ is reporting that Hall of Fame point guard and ESPN analyst Magic Johnson is being sued by a former employee because he was impossible to work for.

No I’m not making this up.

According to reports, the employee in question, Lanita Thomas, says she was Magics personal flight attendant on his private jet from 2004 until last month when she was terminated.

In the suit filed in L.A. Superior Court, Thomas says Johnson fired her last month when she showed up for work 15 minutes late one day.

Thomas claims Magic fired her because he wanted a “substantially younger woman”, to serve as his attendant.

Ms. Thomas also claims that all of Magics “snacks had to be fresh,” especially his “Red Vines.”

In addition to wrongful termination, Lanita Thomas is suing Magic for unpaid overtime and not giving her breaks during her shift.

Magic was not available for comment.

The nerve of the help these day.


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