Man Stabbed at 49ers Game Because He Had on Cowboys’ Jersey

Somehow, some way it always ends up being about the Cowboys.

Originally, we reported that the fan stabbed outside of Candlestick Park was a 49ers fan, but the police have come out with a statement via USA Today saying that wasn’t the case.

According to the police the fan was assaulted simply because he had on a Cowboys jersey.

22-year-old Kristopher Viana has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and other charges. Viana didn’t just stabbed the fan in the Cowboys’ jersey, he attempted to stab two other people as well.  From all accounts, Viana was hassling anyone who didn’t have on 49ers gear.

His partner in crime 30-year-old Alexandro Arguelles was also charged with punching a fan in the face.

Just a bad scene all the way around. You should be able to wear whatever jersey you want without fearing that someone is going to stab or attack you.

It isn’t that serious.

The victim is still in the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

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