Mark Sanchez’s 666 Conundrum




Prophecy come true or just a scary coincidence, you be the judge.

On the 666th Monday Night Football game, number 6 for the Jets QB Mark Sanchez threw 14 of 31 completed passes dropping his QB rating to woeful…66.6.

Here’s where it gets creepier, Sanchez averages 6.6 yards thrown, has 6 TD’s for the year and 6 INT’s. This was all prefaced by the early Monday morning tweet Tim Tebow put out where he said ‘looking forward to giving God all the glory in tonight’s 666th Monday Night Football game.’

Just an eerie state of events for the already maligned Mark Sanchez, who seemingly can’t even get out of his own way. Now even the numbers seem to have turned on him and have him caught in the middle of a plot from ‘Revelation’. Of course, is there any validity to these numbers besides coincidence? No. But does it reinforce the ‘sky is falling’ scenario that Sanchez seems neck deep in? Yes.

All and all Sanchez should laugh it off and work on improving his play, meanwhile Tebow lovers will just see this as God’s will as Tebow was sent in to cast down Sanchez and return the Jets to their proverbial ‘promise land’. Nothing really surprises me.


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