Mavericks Vince Carter Wants To Be Sixth Man Of The Year


Has Vince carter finally figured out that less is more?

Pro Basketball Talk is reporting that Carter has finally accepted that less of him starting, and more of him coming off the bench is better for the Dallas Mavericks.

Question now is can Carter be a legitimate sixth man?

Carter seems to think yes, and he feels and wants to be sixth man of the year.

“I’m down for it,” Carter said when asked if he wanted to be the new sixth man. “I’ll come in and help the team, remain verbal — I do that well. I just try to keep us going forward and not regress. When the second unit comes on the floor, they have to keep it going. I just try to do a little bit of everything to help the team.”

Can Carter succeed at the theory less is more?

We shall see.


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