Michael Vick Has No Explanation For His Fumblitis

The explanation is pretty simple to me, he doesn’t secure the ball properly when he runs.

It is one thing to fumble when you get hit from the blind side or in the process of passing, but what Vick has never learned in his ten years in the league is how to protect the ball when he is running.

Here is what Vick had to say courtesy of Pro Football Talk.

“I wish I could tell you, but I don’t have any explanation,”

“I wish I could take back the fumble the goal line, but I can’t,” Vick said.  “Ultimately, we put ourselves in a position to win this game, but we didn’t win.  That’s how it goes in the NFL.  You wish you could have some things back and there are plenty of things I wish I could have back through the course of the season, but you can’t get them.”

What Vick needs to do when contact is coming is to either slide or put two hands on the ball.  I have yet to see him slide this year nor run with the ball like a traditional running back.

Instead of palming the football like a basketball, he needs to cradle it closer to his body, so it can’t be as easily poked out.

I don’t know if this is something that is being taught during Eagles’ practice but it should be, unless they want the fumbling to continue.