Michael Vick Says Andy Reid Is Considering A Quarterback Change

There’s no better way to have news break, than to break it yourself.

Reuben Frank of Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia is reporting that Michael Vick himself is confirming that he may well be benched for rookie Nick Foles.

Vick himself was quoted as saying, “if Reid makes the decision to bench him, he’d support it.”


“It’s tough when you know everything is up in the balance, but that’s the decision that coach is thinking about making, and I’m going to fight until he says, ‘Come on out,’ and he takes me out of the game,” Vick said. “Despite everything that’s been said the last couple weeks, I still continue to put in the hard work and the effort and try to do everything I can to prepare and win football games, man. I can’t do it by myself. I would love to stay in there and finish what I started. It would mean the world to me. But, hey, that’s not my decision right now.”

Vick is not going to throw anyone under the bus, that’s not in his nature.

The Eagles can make a switch if they like, but Foles will have to play behind that sorry offensive line, and deal with coordinator who refuses to run the ball.

Michael Vick is not a quitter, but he definitely seems tired of the pounding he’s taking behind that offensive line, and the daily beating he’s been receiving from the media here in Philadelphia.


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  • The sooner people realize that Andy Reid is and HAS been the problem with the Eagles, the better off they’ll be.

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