Michael Vick Says He’s Not Concerned About Being Benched

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick never lacks for confidence.

When you’ve been through what he’s gone through, resolve and confidence are at the top of the character trait.

The Eagles as a team are already on notice.   Don’t get it done and everyone from the head coach on down could be done.

Vick himself is also on notice, because if his coach goes, he goes and that huge contract also.

Philly.com is reporting that Vick is confident and not worried about losing his job, because he intends to produce.

“It was never a time when I didn’t know whether I was going to be the starter or not,” Vick said. “Quite frankly, I know what I can do when I’m out there, and I know what has to happen when I’m out there on the football field. That’s just my approach now, to go out there and get the job done. We’ll see what happens.”

Vick was candid about taking the bye week to “get away from everything,” and without divulging any details, admitted he and Reid had a conversation, “about his feelings and his thoughts and my feelings and my thoughts about certain things.”

Vick acknowledges that he doesn’t like being constantly criticized, and admitted it ticks him off.

“I always play [ticked] off,” Vick said. “More so now than anything.”

I wouldn’t necessarily say Vick is playing for his life right now, but I do feel he’s playing for his relevancy as a top flight quarterback.

I really can’t see Vick failing this season, moving on to another franchise, and starter or not, still being taken serious as a top flight quarterback.