Mike Tice Says He And Jay Cutler Are Good After MNF Incident

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice is taking the high road in the whole Jay Cutler ignoring him incident.

The video has been viewed hundreds of a frustrated Jay Cutler ignoring and then walking away from Tice because he didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

Tice told the Sun Times, “he and Cutler are good.”

”He probably had enough of me telling him why the [third-and-one] play didn’t work,” Tice said. ”I get enough of me sometimes, too. I can talk a little bit, as you guys know.

”Jay and I are good. I really admire his play the other night. I really admire how he’s prepared himself right now. I really admire how he’s bought in.

”It’s an emotional game. Sometimes I’m sure we all wish we had handled things differently — and I’m not saying he should have handled that differently, but it’s an emotional game.”

”[In] the heat of the battle, it’s tough. A lot of things happen on the sidelines. A lot of things happen over the course of a game. I was really angry about the fact that we didn’t make that third-and-one. I was in his ear from the time he came off the field to the time he went over and put his helmet down. At a certain point probably enough’s enough.”

I applaud Tice for not feeding into the hype or necessarily feeling embarrassed.

Things happen sometimes, and in sports we all get in that mode where we’ve been the person ignoring or being ignored.