Mike Vick Declined to Say if Family Owned Dog, then Changed his Mind

This story is as simple as it can be.

When Mike Vick was on probation he couldn’t have a dog. When Mike Vick completed his probation he could have a dog.

Mike Vick is no longer on probation so what is the problem?

Shouldn’t even have to discuss it, but here is what he had to say when asked if he has a puppy in the home.

“I’m here to strictly talk about football,” Vick said. “What goes on in my personal life is not to be talked about. What’s most important right now is the Philadelphia Eagles and getting the win Sunday.”

Maybe the best answer he has ever given on any topic. This all started when Vick tweeted a picture of himself and a box of milk bones was spotted in the photo (you can view that photo here).

For those who believe I am defending Michael Vick’s action past actions I am not, what I am defending is your rights as an American.  You do the crime you have to do the time, after that you should be free to live your life as you please.

You might not like Vick having a dog, but I am sure there are certain things people don’t like about your life as well, so think about that before you go high horsing.


Vick released a statement confirming his family does own a dog.

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