Mike Vick Probably Owns a Dog & That’s Ok, So Get Off Your High Horse (photos)

Michael Vick served his time.

Michael Vick completed his probation.

Michael Vick is a free man with all the rights that come with that.

If he wants to get a dog for his children, he can do that because he went through the legal process and has no restrictions.

If I get arrested for robbing a bank? Can I not deposit money when I get out of jail? The reason all of this is happening is because of these two photos screen captured courtesy of Larry Brown Sports.

The first photo was Tweeted by Michael Vick and includes a box of Milk Bones in the picture which suggest he probably has a dog in the household.  Adam Reigner of WIP in Philly was the first to notice this. Vick realizing that people might figure out that meant he has a puppy deleted that photo and posted the second one sans Milk Bones Box.

I am not a hypocrite we live in a social media world now and that something like this will always be reported, if I saw it first I would have reported it as well.

But, we need to start using some common sense.

Michael Vick was financing a dog fighting ring and was put in jail because he lied about it. He was a very high profile name and the Feds like to take down high profile offenders.  He made a lot of mistakes which he was punished for, but I rather him run a dog fighting ring than beat his wife, drive drunk or be a drug addict.

I love dogs as much as anyone else, but I think it is unfair to continually punish Michael Vick for an offense on an animal when guys are getting 30 days for vehicular manslaughter while driving drunk, settling cases out of court when being accused of raping women or getting a slap on the wrist for a domestic violence.  Two wrongs don’t make a right, but some wrongs are worse than others.

Before you throw stones from your  glass house, I would love to look into some of those who still criticize Vick to this day closets.

It is time for Michael Vick to stop apologizing and stop being ashamed.

Don’t be afraid Michael, show your puppy with pride, because the ones that hate you, are always going to hate you no matter what you say or do.

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