Mike Woodson let a Player skip Practice for Hot Date

If nothing else, this certainly qualifies Mike Woodson as a players coach.

Mike Woodson was doing an interview with a show called The Game 365, that chronicled his early basketball days to his current role as head coach of the New York Knicks. When asked about his experience coaching NBA players, the coach provided a rather interesting answer.

Woodson said, “When players come to work, you don’t know what to expect. Prime example: Zaza Pachulia comes into my office…”

Zaza:Hey coach, can you let me out of practice today?
Woodson:For what?
Zaza:Man, I got a hot date.
Woodson:Are you kidding me?  Do you love this girl? 
Zaza:Nah coach, I can’t be in love, I’m too young.
Woodson:I take it you aren’t gonna marry this girl then? 
Zaza:Nah, coach.

The interviewer then asked did Woodson let him go to which he replied, “Yeah I let him go, but only because he worked his butt off for me.”

No word on how the date went, unfortunately.