Monday Night Preview: Bears Vs Cowboys

Tonight The Dallas Cowboys take on the Chicago Bears in what is a crucial contest for both teams.  For the Cowboys it’s pertinent that stay even with the Eagles and stay one up in the division.

For the Bears it’s imperative that they don’t all the Packers or Vikings to run away from them either.

I present to you my BSO Monday night matchups and previews:

With The Real Witten Please Stand Up:

Oh Jason Witten, where art thou?

That is the million dollar question in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

After being an amazing inspiration in their opening night win over New York,tight end Jason Witten has disappeared.

Reports continue to be that he is 100% healthy, so whats wrong.   The Cowboys need Witten to open up the middle of the field to be successful.

Tyron Meet Julius:

Peppers is an absolute load for any opponent.  Tyron Smith is one of the youngest and yet most talented lineman in the game.  Peppers will move up and down the line, so it’s crucial that Smith hold his own in his matchups with Peppers.  If Peppers is having his way with Smith and Free, it will be a long night in Dallas.

Devin Hester:

Hester made headlines last week when he complained about not getting the ball enough.  The one thing he can’t do for the Cowboys sake is get his confidence back via the return game.  Dallas punter Brian Moorman must kick directionally and high.  The same goes for Dan Bailey on kickoffs.

Brandon Vs Brandon:

The Brandon Marshall vs Brandon Carr matchup will be an important one to watch.  The last time these two matched up with Marshall still a Dolphin, he lit Carr and the Chiefs up for 8 catches 106 yards and a touchdown.  During that contest Carr only covered Marshall on 14 of the Dolphins 47 pass attempts.  The Bears will try to get Marshall involved early, and the Cowboys may have the horses to prevent him from having a huge night.

This will be an intriguing contest because both quarterbacks are under the gun to perform in their respective cities.  Romo had talks of a contract extension put off and he needs an excellent showing on Monday Night Football to validate why he should be paid elite money.

I can’t wait.

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