Nate Burleson Upset After NFL Fines Him For Shooting Eagles Celebration

Apparently, $10,000 isn’t enough for Nate Burleson to get the NFL’s message.

Burleson was fined $10,000 for his touchdown celebration this past Sunday in the Detroit Lion’s match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles. After he scored, Burleson began to flap his arms and then made a shooting motion as if he were holding a rifle. I’m assuming to signify that he was hunting Eagles.

Burleson says the NFL told him he received the fine because his celebration was a violent act towards another team. However, Burleson claims he plans to keep on celebrating and he’s already thinking about what he’ll do on Monday night against the Bears.

Per the Detroit Free Press: Burleson was quoted as saying, “I’ll have something for Chicago. I’m not going to stop celebrating.”

He also added, “It could have been a super soaker.”

Whatever Burleson’s upcoming celebration entails, I would advise him to be prepared to write a bigger check than $10,000 for the NFL next time. Roger Goodell doesn’t play.