NBA Removes Center Position from All-Star Ballot

In an interesting move, the NBA has officially removed the center position from the all-star ballot.

Now, fans will be given the opportunity to vote for three different frontcourt players instead of two forwards and one center. The change now opens the opportunity for different forwards to be voted into the all-star game.

Per David Aldridge at NBA’s VP of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson was quoted as saying, “It makes sense.  It made sense to our Competition Committee.  Having a center is the only specific position that was singled out on the ballot.  It just seemed a little outdated and didn’t represent the way our game has evolved.”

Jackson also added, “By the same token, it also affords the same opportunity, if you have two good centers in a given year, pick ‘em both.  They both can be selected.  Which is impossible right now.”

I believe it is a good move by the NBA. Now players that truly have earned a right to play in the all-star game have a better opportunity.