Nets Joe Johnson Being Sued For $260k In Unpaid Jewelry

Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson has been sued, accused of being a thief, and he’s having none of it.

TMZ is reporting that Johnson is fighting back against charges that he is a jewelry thief after being accused of not paying for more than $125,000 in jewelry from an Atlanta diamond dealer.

Aydin & Company reportedly filed suit against Johnson earlier this month claiming that in 2010 Johnson signed a purchase agreement for more than $125,000 worth of jewels.

The items in question are a diamond beaded bracelet, a white gold bezel set rosary, black diamond stud earrings, and a white gold watch with diamonds.

The lawsuit insist that Johnson took the jewelry, but never paid for it.

Aydin’s is suing for the jewels, legal fees, and interest on the diamonds.

A source close to Joe Johnson claims the suit is bogus, claiming that “the owner of the store asked Johnson to wear the items on loan and allowed him to return them when he was done.”

 But when Johnson tried to give the items back, we’re told the jeweler refused and slapped him with the bill instead.

John has twice tried to return the items to no avail.