Nnamdi Asomugha Says His Criticism Of Juan Castillo Didn’t get Him Fired

I was gonna title this article Nnamdi is a hater.  I can’t do that though.

I know everyone is going to say well what do you mean?

How is Asomugha a hater.

The last time the Eagles played, they blew another lead in a loss to the Detroit Lions.

Asomugha like he has so many times since becoming an Eagle, gave up his share of big plays during those final minutes.

After the game though, Asomugha was the most critical of Castillo’s late game play calling.

The next day Castillo was fired of course, and several of Nnamdi’s comments were front and center.

Philly.com is reporting that Asomugha is heartbroken over people feeling his comments had something to do with Castillo getting fired.

“I had a tough time when those stories come out. It’s more so a character thing, and it’s something I would never do as a player,” Asomugha said. “There’s no underlying — this was said, but it might have meant this. I wouldn’t do that to a coach, and especially Juan. Just because as far as the player-coach relationship, we had been so communicative. It wasn’t a good feeling. But after speaking to him and letting him know that wasn’t the case, that made it a lot better. But I don’t think it had anything to do with him being let go or anything.”

Asomugha tried to sway away from the obvious feeling that Eagles player had tuned Castillo out, and lost confidence in him as a coordinator.

“We all felt like, or feel like, we’re a really good defense,” Asomugha said. “We played well. I think there were moments we didn’t play well. But I think just the bottom line is winning games. You win games, and none of this is talked about. It might be talked about still, but it’s not going to get to the level it got to.”

“It’s part of the business of football,” Asomugha said. We all respect [Castillo]. I respect Juan as a man and as a coach. He’s going to land on his feet and do well. It was tough hearing it because I’ve seem him grow so much.”

I digress from saying what I really want to say.  I’ll say this much, Nnamdi signed a six-year $60 million deal last July, and is not even close to being the best defensive back on his own team.

Say what you want about Vick’s contract, but at least you know you’ll get his full effort, and full accountability when he comes up small.