Notre Dame Fan Tracey Moore Gets Golden Dome Tattooed On His Head

There’s nothing in the world like a die-hard fan who love his/her favorite college or university.

From the insanely face painting to outrageous body tattoos, some people will go out their way to show you their loyalty or school spirit.

Such is the case of Notre Dame fan Tracey Moore.

The photos courtesy of Bro Bible show Moore getting the famous Golden Dome of Notre Dame tattooed on his own dome.

Moore explained his reasoning behind such a tattoo that took nine hours to complete.

“It was painful,” Moore said. “I can’t say it didn’t hurt, because it did.”

Moore told ABC57 that he always keeps his head shaved “so it was just a unique place to do it.”

Brandon Hunt says he worked on several sketches before coming up with the final design. “I looked at the Notre Dame building itself; making sure all of the details were in there, so that way it could be distinctive as Notre Dame,” Hunt said.

“It’s been great,” Moore said. “I have pictures taken all over the place. If I had money for every picture taken, I’d be rich.”

I have no words for this one.