Pilar Sanders Behind the Scenes Swimsuit Photoshoot



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While Pilar and Deion Sanders go back and forth on who is lying about what is going on behind the scenes of their divorce, but are still working on their brand.

Deion continues to promote the TRUTH and Pilar promoting her beauty.

What does Prime think?


  1. And a cple of weeks ago she was crying talking about she couldn’t pay her utilities. Pitiful use ur modeling money to pay your bills.

  2. pilar need to sit her old as down. she is starving for attention. she need t understand deion is gone he dont want her anymore…she need to move around, be a real mother and stop getting nakid online and not especially since she is not getting paid for it…dumb just plain dumb

  3. Ok, what is trying to do, be a model/vixen? I think it’s cool she is trying to put out workout DVDs but modeling off her body is doing nothing but amplifying what Deion and others were saying about her in the first place. Ok, she is gorgeous, but so what; so are all the other models, groupies, and vixens out there. Seems like she is trying to become a catch to a another celebrity. Sit down Pilar, you are tired …..!!!

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