Pilar Sanders Utilities Shut Off Because Deion Fighting Child Support Payments


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The story seems very hard to believe, but according to Bossip, Pilar Sanders lights and gas have been cut off for non payment and she has been living out of a hotel for the pass couple of days.

While Pilar hasn’t confirmed this her publicist Kali Bowyer says that she is having a hard time making ends meet because according to Pilar, Deion hasn’t paid any of the court ordered Child Support.


Deion was ordered to pay a little under $11k in child support a month, but he is fighting the judgment saying it is more than what he should pay in the State of Texas.

Seems  little strange that Deion would let Pilar’s utilities be cut off especially if the children are staying there a lot of the time.  Maybe there is something missing to the story that we don’t know about.  Even though there is this official court order we found.

Deion and Pilar are still technically married. Hopefully all the court proceedings and money issues will be taken care of soon.


15 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Utilities Shut Off Because Deion Fighting Child Support Payments

  • Wait a minute this grown butt woman who gets paid for modeling and whose seen all over the place can’t pay her bills.Yes Deon needs to pay his CHILD SUPPORT but utilities is a basic need that she would have to pay for even if she never was married to him. Get off your sorry butt and pay your bills dang every bill is not his responsibility to pay.

  • She’s full of shit…..doing all she can to make Dieon look bad…she can pay those damn bills

  • She can come stay with me.

  • This is the problem with women like her (and there are many). They think child support means all support. Like Mrkkr stated so eloquently: She would have to pay utilities if she were never married to Deon. Yes he definitely needs to pay his child support, but this proves her plan is to live entirely off of the child support. The kids won’t see any of it and she will use it to support her lifestyle. Get off your lazy ass and get a job. These women want to divorce you, talk bad about you, but they still love your money. Its all about them wanting to sit on their ass and live off of someone else’s money. Just another version of welfare. They are no better than some women with a bunch of kids collecting welfare checks. Their checks just have a few more zeros on it.

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